Financial Condominium Management

Financial Reports

Monthly reports for each Homeowners Association include:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and loss report-monthly and year to date (actual vs budgeted)
  • Check Register
  • Delinquency report
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Status report of collection accounts

Monthly statements with a return envelope provided, simply insert remittance portion of statement with check in window envelope.

Automatic payment service available at no charge through Union Bank. Payments are deducted from your bank account the 7th of each month (or the next business day).

Payments are remitted to a secure bank lockbox with assessment payments deposited directly to HOA checking account. All checks are deposited the day of receipt.

Formulate collection policy for HOA in accordance with the CCR’s of the HOA and California Civil Code.

Follow up on collection policy including coordination with lien and foreclosure company (at no expense to the Association) to initiate a pre lien letter and/or initiation of a small claims action for the Homeowners Association.

Payment of Monthly Bills

Coding of all invoices in accordance with the Homeowners Association chart of accounts. We can customize your chart of accounts at no extra charge.

CPA review of all invoices coded to ensure accuracy of your financial statements.

Prepare reserve transfer form for board signature for reserve expenses. The form is mailed with the checks to be signed.

Checks and accompanying invoices mailed to board members for signature. Management company does not sign checks. Special rush checks are processed the same or next day at no extra charge. There is no charge to the HOA for check stock from the bank.

Prepare and file form DE-542 (Report of Independent Contractors) mid-month and at the end of each month. Click here for details on this form and filing requirements

Year end 1099 and 1096 preparation (additional fee applies).

Homeowners Services For Selling or Refinancing

Preparation of escrow demand requests and refinance packages.

Prompt processing of all escrow paperwork for sales or refinance of individual units to ensure HOA receives all monies owing at closing including delinquent monthly assessments, special assessments, transfer fees, move in fees etc.

Completion of lender questionnaires for owners refinancing through HomeWiseDocs.

Assistance to appraisers providing information related to your HOA.

Specialists in stock transfer document preparation for owners of stock cooperatives.

Budget Preparation

  • Detail proposed budget for board review (excel format).
  • Coordination of reserve study update.
  • Meet with the board of directors to review the proposed budget or e-mail the budget to board member(s).
  • Preparation and mailing of final budget package with all required disclosures included.


Annual meeting, budget meeting or special meetings.

Notices of annual meeting or any special meeting are prepared and mailed including secret written ballot as required by California Civil Code 5100(a).

Serve as inspector of election for meetings where secret ballot is applicable (additional fee applies).

Attend budget meetings to review budget with board.

Additional Services

Vendor referral & contract review.

Annual review & quoting of insurance policies to ensure the best coverage at the best price.

Obtaining bids on the contract for laundry machines (if applicable) to maximize revenue for the Association and obtain new equipment for the room.