Small Claims

If you have delinquent assessments we can help collect delinquencies.

  • Prepare case for filing and serving
    • Verify title
    • Prepare plaintiffs claim including amount owed and time period during which monies are owed ( there is a 4 year statute of limitations on monies owed)
    • Submit case for filing and service
  • Attend hearing in small claims court
    • Present case to judge if owner not present in court
    • If owner present attempt to obtain payment through arbitration or directly speaking to owner
    • Contact board member(s) to obtain approval of any payment plan
    • Administer payment plan
  • Thirty days after the judgment the following options are available
    • Attend debtors exam
    • Start wage garnishment, bank levy , till tap, keep and any other post judgment collection method available
    • Prepare and file abstract of judgment

Fee schedule

  • Preparing case-$100 payable to Mink Condominium Management
  • Filing and service – ranges from $85-$150 this fee is added to judgment by the court
  • Attend court hearing $200 payable to Mink Condominium Management
  • Attend debtor examination hearing $250 payable to Mink Condominium Management
  • Abstract of judgment – preparation $150 payable to Mink Condominium Management; filing fees approximately $60 includes $25 court fee and $35 county recording fees