Board Member Information

  1. Update the reserve study every year. If there are significant changes to reserve components, I recommend an on-site visit update. The Davis-Stirling act requires a site update every 3 years.
  2. Budgets and annual disclosure - the following are required to be distributed annually between 30-90 days prior to the start of the Association fiscal year end.
    1. Annual budget report
    2. Reserve disclosure
    3. Annual policy statement
    4. Internal dispute resolution
    5. Alternative dispute resolution
    6. Collection policy
    7. Notice of assessments and foreclosure
    8. Insurance disclosure
    9. Disclosure regarding approval needed to make physical changes to property
  3. Voting- annual and special meetings.
    1. Election rules are required by Davis-Stirling act
    2. All voting must be by secret written ballot (board members, legal document amendment, special assessments)
    3. Quorum is established by valid ballots received by inspector of elections and not the number of owners present