Escrow Co & Lenders

Demand Requests

Escrow companies may fax their demand request to 310-437-4345 or email to . Please include your email address and list the documents required on your demand request. Unless you request hard copies of the documents Robert will email you the documents. There is no upfront fees for sale escrows. There is no additional fee for completion of questionnaire. Turnaround time for completion of demand is 3-4 business days.

Stock Coop transfer information

Escrow companies need to obtain from the seller the original stock certificate and deliver to our office. Upon approval of the buyer by the Coop directors we will prepare a escrow demand, & provide documents such as minutes, financial statements and articles of incorporation. Upon receipt of an email from escrow stating the exact vesting of the buyer and information on the seller(s) ((deceased or not) and whether a new trust exists) we will prepare the surrender of lease, proprietary lease and new stock certificate.

Insurance Information

Please contact agent directly for declaration pages and evidence of insurance. Contact information can be found on insurance information page.

Lender Certifications

Certifications are prepared for refinance transactions only via the internet web site of HomeWiseDocs. The certification can be downloaded from their web site and printed instantly on your printer. If you experience difficulties registering or for any other problems related to obtaining a Lender Certification, please call 1-866-925-5004. Certifications may be obtained by lenders, real estate brokers or owners.

Now Also Available At HomeWiseDocs:

  • CCR's
  • Bylaws
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Budgets
  • Annual Financial Statements

Simply log on to HomeWiseDocs and select the name of your Association.